3d Chocolate Molds has over 20 years of design, mold production and sculpturing experience. Augmented with the mastering of new methods and techniques, we can expand your artistic vision to create a look that meets your standards and defines your brand, turning your chocolate into an eye-catching edible piece of art. 

Our confectionery molds are created according to your requirements and can feature a high level of detail, a flat back, engraving, or an assembled more complex mold production. We can mirror or scale your design to any size and create multiple options from one design concept. 

Collaborating with you from inception to finished product, we can produce a mold that suits your exact needs. 

Bridging our extensive design and mold making experience with your chocolate production expertise, we can help you to expand your product offering to include special events and occasions of all types. 

The benefits of choosing 3D Chocolate Molds are:


Over 20 years of experience that balances design and technology

Personalized, one to one service

Bespoke designs to any scale or proportion

Create several mold options from one single design

You use your own chocolate recipes and we create a mold to your vision that will also be appropriate to the application, density, texture and target market of your chocolate

Shipping to any location

Contact us at: info@3dchocolatemolds.com